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About Us

About Desk Property Valuations

Desk Property Valuations is Australia’s leading provider of desktop property valuation reports. Our experienced, licensed valuers leverage the latest technology to deliver quick and reliable valuations without onsite inspections.
Since our establishment in 2018, we have performed over 10,000 valuations across metro and regional Australia. Our clients include major lenders, real estate agencies, government bodies, legal firms, corporations and private individuals.
Our desktop valuations adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements, providing our clients with compliant, dependable reports.

Our Valuers

Our national panel consists of fully certified valuers with extensive experience across residential, commercial and other property types. We undertake rigorous vetting and audits to ensure our valuers provide unbiased, high-quality valuations.
Our valuers stay up-to-date on the latest valuation methodology, standards and regulatory issues. We also invest heavily in training as valuation best practices evolve.
At Desk Property Valuations we match our valuers carefully to each instruction based on their location knowledge, valuation experience and other assignment specifics.

Our Technology

We utilise the latest technology to ensure efficiency, accuracy and speed. Our proprietary platform integrates property sales data, imagery, council records, spatial files and other information to allow our valuers quick access to everything they need to perform a valuation.
Advanced automation and AI also assist our valuers, allowing them to focus their expertise on appraisal and analytical tasks. This results in significant time savings while improving consistency.

Our Commitment to Compliance

All our valuations comply with industry regulations and standards. We keep up-to-date on changes to API, AIVLE, IVS and other relevant protocols.
Our reports are accepted by all major lenders and have been used for various legal purposes including family law proceedings, ratings objections and more.